The Complete Historical and Statistical Reference to the World Hockey Association 6th Edition Book

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The World Hockey Association burst onto the hockey scene in 1972, icing 12 teams and aiming to be the first true competitive major hockey league to challenge the National Hockey League since the 1920s. For seven seasons, the WHA managed to survive, by hook and by crook, often on the verge of utter collapse, before folding and having four of its teams absorbed into the NHL in 1979. Yet its legacy is profound, and it changed completely the landscape of professional hockey in North America. It was the first league to aggressively draft and sign American-born players, college players and European talent. Its wide-open style of play attracted fans and contrasted sharply with the NHL's conservative defensive game.

After the WHA's demise in 1979, nothing was written on the old league for many years, with the risk of the WHA becoming completely forgotten! Remember, this was the league that gave the hockey world Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Rod Langway, Michel Goulet and Mike Gartner, among the many who graduated to the NHL after the merger. In 1995, Scott Surgent wrote and published the first edition of The Complete ... World Hockey Association. This so-called "Big Book" is as complete a resource anywhere available on the WHA. 328 pages.

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