Ready for Battle! 12 Competitive Games for Ice Hockey with Mark Carlson, Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach; 2005 Clark Cup Champions; 2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09)

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Features & Benefits
  • Develop a fun, competitive practice environment
  • See how to create game-like battles in practice
  • Winner/loser outcome in every game
with Mark Carlson,
Cedar Rapids Roughriders (USHL) Head Coach;
2005 Clark Cup Champions;
2x U.S. Junior Select Team Head Coach ('08 and '09),
Back-to-Back World Junior A Challenge Champions ('08 and '09);
2008-09 United States Olympic Committee Development Coach of the Year

Mark Carlson weaves fun and aggressiveness into 12 highly competitive games where there is a winner and a loser.

Carlson offers marker board diagrams and fully explains the execution, purpose and benefits of each game prior to moving to on-ice demonstration with his players.

His games include:

  • Last Man Standing - A passing and receiving elimination game that drills good hard passing and puck control.
  • Net Game - A coach-scored game that focuses on conditioning, competitiveness, speed and puck control.
  • Crease Game - This game creates a battle to get into the paint while controlling the puck.
  • 2-on-0 Scoring (Game 1) - This highly competitive small ice game focuses on scoring goals.
  • 2-on-0 Scoring (Game 2) - This full ice game requires two goals to be scored to earn one point. Great for conditioning, puck control, shooting and goal tending work.
  • Stop and Start Scoring Game - Trains individual skill play while combining conditioning with detail. The game forces players to focus under duress and fatigue. The game's skill set includes goaltending, start and stop skills, breakaways, puck control, dekes and fakes.
  • 15 10 Drill - This forwards vs. the goalie and defensemen game creates 2-on-0, 2-on-1, 3-on-2 and breakaway situations.
  • 3 Puck Breakaway - This game drills combines shooting and goal tending with great conditioning value.
  • 4-on-3 Small Area - This game works on battling with body contact and promotes good tight defending. A great way to evaluate your players' hockey sense, awareness and vision.
  • 3
  • Net Game - Played in one zone with three nets in play. This game features strategy, quick puck play accountability and defending in a fast and chaotic atmosphere.
  • Nowhere to Hide - A 1-on-1 battle in a small confined corner area with a goalie. Forces tough nose to nose battle with focus on getting to the net front to score a goal.
  • 4-on-2 Goal Scoring Game - The focus is on front net pressure for both the offense and defenders.

These games are sure to assist you in developing a fun, competitive practice environment with high energy battles that focus on winning!

45 minutes. 2010. 1 Used DVD.

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