Practice To Game: Blueprint For Success with Bob Montrose, Owner of Peak Performance Training Camps; former John Marshall/Lourdes (MN) HS Girls Head Coach

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Features & Benefits

Develop simple team systems that prevent players from over-thinking on the ice!

  • See how to set up a typical practice schedule that progresses from individual skills to team systems
  • Capitalize on a productive forecheck, taking away time and space from the opponent
  • Help your defensemen make accurate decisions when hunting down the puck in the defensive zone

with Bob Montrose,
Owner of Peak Performance Training Camps;
former John Marshall/Lourdes (MN) HS Girls Head Coach;
Back-to-Back-to-Back Big 9 Conference Champions (2014-16)

Many players get nervous, lose their poise, and make crucial mistakes in the game of hockey. Bob Montrose will help minimize these mistakes and help resolve the many issues coaches have with a player's clouded judgment.

Coach Montrose understands players' need for simple concepts and has developed a teaching style in which his players respond well to; they learn to be effective on the ice by playing fast and under control.

The first video (two-video set) focuses on simple system play in each of the three zones - the defensive zone, the neutral zone and the offensive zone. By minimizing the number of options players need to remember, the learning cycle is shortened. This enables the team to play with speed due to no delays in the decision-making process and all players understanding what their teammates are trying to accomplish. By giving players a limited number of options and training them to communicate with each other, your team can become a force on the ice.

The second video contains 13 drills that teach players how to make decisions on the ice during a game. Drills include a passing progression that incorporates the in-game decision-making process and intense, game-like drills that provide players with the opportunity to make real-time decisions.

A featured drill loved by Coach Montrose's players is called '10 Goals in 7 Minutes', a high-paced, game-like drill that pits the forwards against the defensemen and goalie. The objective is to score, or prevent, 10 goals from being scored in 7 minutes. For each repetition, there are three scoring opportunities presented: a 1v0, a 2v1 and a 3v2. All players get involved with this highly-competitive and action-packed drill that has athletes working on all aspects of hockey in a competitive and FUN atmosphere.

There isn't a single cone used in any of these drills, making this a simple framework for teaching how to play the game of hockey. Coach Montrose explains and illustrates his concepts for making the game simple for players.

183 minutes. 2017. 2 Used DVDs.

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