Developing an Effective Transition Game with Chris Brooks, Michigan Tech Assistant Coach; former University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Head Coach

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Features & Benefits

Teach anticipation and support that allows your team to transition from defense to offense faster!

  • Learn how your team can "play faster" by anticipating and supporting the puck carrier
  • Get neutral zone transition drills using game situations that teach players how to get the puck into the offense zone quickly
  • Discover 13 drills to reinforce concepts of the transition game to execute better as a unit during games

with Chris Brooks,
Michigan Tech Assistant Coach;
former University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point Head Coach;
2016 NCAA Division III National Champions;
Back-to-Back-to-Back NCAA DIII Frozen Four appearances - he led the team to National Runner-Up finishes in 2014 and 2015; 2016 DIII Coach of the Year;
Back-to-Back Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Commissioners Cup Champions (2016-17)

Neutral zone transitions are an important skill for all teams. Shifting from defense to offense quickly is vital to improving scoring opportunities.

2016 D-III National Championship coach, Chris Brooks, gives you the skill techniques, positional breakdowns, and multiple options to teach your players how to transition the puck from the neutral zone into the offensive zone quickly. Using whiteboard illustrations followed by on-ice demonstrations to reinforce the crucial coaching points, he gives you a better understanding of spacing and puck support as it relates to the transition game. This will allow your players to move the puck more effectively, create speed through the puck, and transition and counter-attack during games.

Key Teaching Points

Transition hockey is about giving and getting time and space - two crucial elements in keeping possession and controlling the puck. Breaking down the key teaching points into both the forward and defensemen positions, Brooks ensures everyone is on the same page. If the forwards can anticipate what the defensemen are going to do, then it will allow your team to transition faster as a unit, leading to better puck possession and more offensive chances.

Brooks teaches players the key points that will improve their ability to transition into the offensive zone. The coaching points help with understanding on how to stay in control and keep possession of the puck. You'll learn:

  • Staying inside the dots and how it allows forwards to be in a good spot offensively and defensively.
  • How to get forwards to anticipate, not react, to the play.
  • The physical techniques needed to improve athletes' chances to move the puck quickly up ice.

Progressive Drills

Beginning practices with a neutral zone transition drill, Brooks reinforces the systems and techniques of quickly transitioning from defense and creating offensive scoring chances. He offers up 13 high-energy drills mimicking game situations to get every player involved right from the start. Each drill includes getting shots directed towards the goaltender as an added warm-up.

The Neutral Zone Three Variations Drill is the perfect game scenario example of how to quickly move the puck into the offensive zone.

  • Forwards and defensemen learn three options to move quickly through the neutral zone as a unit of five depending on the opposition's forechecking system in the neutral zone.
  • Players are taught options for getting the puck to the net once they enter the zone.

This video from Coach Brooks will help your team generate more offensive attacks without sacrificing defensive coverage. Develop the skills necessary to have an effective transition game!

100 minutes. 2017. 1 Used DVD.

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