Creating Offense with Defensive Activation with Dave Smith, Canisius College Head Coach; 2013 Atlantic Hockey Association Champions

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Features & Benefits

Open up new attacking opportunities by utilizing the offensive capabilities of your defensemen.
  • Learn how to open up areas of the ice that are commonly ignored when attacking
  • Train your defensemen how to help on the attack, while remaining poised to defend transitions and turnovers
  • Learn drills for teaching your defensemen proper shooting techniques
with Dave Smith,
Canisius College Head Coach; 2013 Atlantic Hockey Association Champions

Getting your defensemen involved in the offense can give your team a numbers advantage in the offensive zone, while also creating scoring opportunities.

In this presentation, Dave Smith presents a detailed plan for connecting the play of your defensemen across all three zones, creating a cohesive system to guide your team's play. From the breakout to regroups and joining the rush to face offs, Coach Smith always has his defense actively engaged in creating offense.

Skill development is key to creating offense through defensive activation. Coach Smith presents 16 drills, as well as neutral and offensive zone face-off alignments, to keep your defensemen engaged in creating offense. All drills are drawn and explained on a white board, and get all five players involved in creating scoring opportunities. Coach Smith then takes his team on the ice and runs the drills, emphasizing high tempo and individual speed.

The drills are divided into four areas:

  • Warm-Up Drills - Drills for warming up your defensemen while working on individual, offensive skills.
  • Flow Drills - High tempo flow drills work on getting your defensemen involved in the rush and creating scoring opportunities in the offensive zone.
  • Systems - Learn the rules and guidelines for defensemen in Coach Smith's offensive system. The system spans all three zones and get all five players to move as a unit.
  • Small Area Games - Competition brings the activation principles into play in high-pressure, game-like situations.

The best hockey teams get secondary scoring by creating offense from the rush, the point, and even from tips and rebounds originating from defensemen.

With concepts, drills, and mini-games, this video offers everything you need to build a new dimension into your team's attack.

80 minutes. 2015.1 Used DVD.

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