All Access Hockey Practice with Rick Bennett DVD Union College Head Coach; 2017 ECAC Coach of the Year - 2x ECAC Coach of the Year

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This all-access video featuring Rick Bennett, Union College head coach, takes you into a college practice setting for multiple days. You'll see what takes place after a day off and experience what practices are like leading up to games later in the week. These practices include small area games, small skill stations, full ice high tempo drills, a goalie drill session, dryland training, weight training, and an in-depth sports psychology session!

Practice Day 1

This practice, which takes place after a weekend of games, is lighter with a skill-based theme featuring some specialty team work. Coach Bennett, through a series of six drills, has his team work on passing, the penalty kill, and shooting. Of note is the use of different weighted pucks in drills that emphasize passing and moving. See how the use of weighted pucks help the players work on and develop a good touch on the puck, which is crucial for a good passing game. See the importance of this touch as the passing drills are made more game-like.

Other drills include a penalty kill/power play drill that helps the short-handed team work on covering the passing and shooting lanes as the attack team moves the puck around the zone attempting to pull the defense out of the lanes. See how to be more successful in winning the 3v2 up top battles as well as the 2v2 down low battles.

The 4 Net drill promotes scoring, touches, and shooting. These four 'coaches choice' stations work on different aspects of puck battles with the goal of getting the puck to the net. The on-ice portion of this practice concludes with a session for the goalies; watch as they work on their recovery saves and lateral movement.

The off-ice portion of day one includes sitting in on a game file review session with the team, an overview of the strength and conditioning aspects, and a discussion about the process and staples that are responsible for building and maintaining the team culture at Union.

Practice Day 2

Day two has more emphasis on defensive zone play. Through a series of six drills, Bennett has the team work on movement/spacing/shooting, taking away time and space in the defensive zone, defensive zone coverage, and a great drill that works on read and react.

See how Coach Bennett's TNT (talk now time) concept is used to help the defense sort through the chaos being created by the attacking team. During the 5v1 - 5v4 Power Play Progression, you'll learn to methodically train your man-up unit to think ahead to its next move while the players have the time and space to do so. See how, as man-down players are added, this premeditated movement becomes increasingly important as the penalty killer unit increasingly covers the passing and shooting lanes.

In the Kong game, you'll see how the creative use of a dog Kong toy as a puck trains offensive players to work on puck control with an unpredictable 'puck,' while defensive players work on read & react skills and taking away time & space. The unpredictable movement of the Kong mirrors a game situation where a player is having difficulty handling the puck. This is going to help the defense recognize those situations where they can apply more pressure on an attack player. It's also a good hand-eye drill for the carries.

Practice Day 3

Day three places more emphasis on offense. Coach Bennett has the team work on transitions, forechecks, and offensive movement with the purpose of generating offensive play.

This practice starts by revisiting the Tacoma Timing drill from day two, working with the team to execute better than the prior day. Practice continues with work on offensive zone entries in a 2v0 drill. Through a continuous forecheck drill, see how increasing the intensity of the forecheck is necessary to decrease breakout chances and create additional offensive opportunities. Learn to improve offensive zone movement in a progressive 3v1 to 3v3 drill.

The special teams topic of the day is back to reviewing the penalty kill, with additional work on shutting down passing and shot lanes. On-ice finishes with a Pack of Wolves drill that emphasizes the compete level necessary to be successful on both ends of the puck while in the critical scoring area in front of the net.

The video concludes with a great look into a psychology seminar that will get you thinking about the importance of non-hockey skills in building a winning team and culture.

Improve your hockey team today using Rick Bennett's proven drills, strategies, and coaching techniques!

292 minutes. 2018.

Used. Three DVDs.

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