All Access Hockey Practice with Nate Leaman Providence College Head Coach; 2015 National Champions; 2015 Coach Of The Year

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Features & Benefits

Discover a weekly practice flow that progresses from the day after a game to the day before a game.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your practice sessions while accelerating the development of your players and team-play systems
  • Learn how to work the puck off the boards quickly to beat a defensemen crashing down on your breakout
  • Learn how to control the front of your opponent's goal and create more goals from tips, screens, and rebounds
with Nate Leaman,
Providence College Head Coach;
2015 National Champions;
2015 Coach Of The Year;
former Union College Head Coach, 2011 Spencer Penrose Award recipient (Division I Men's Coach of the Year) and back-to-back ECAC Coach of the Year (2010-11); 2x US World Junior Team Assistant Coach (2007, 2009)

Though training sessions may differ in approach and content, there are common threads in all successful practices. Get an inside look at three days of practice for Nate Leaman's Providence College team during the final week of the regular season as they prepare to make a run for the National Championship. Coach Leaman takes you from the first practice after a weekend series and explains how to transition back into skill development, to competitive mode, and then to game strategy and preparation for the next weekend. Every practice goal is clearly identified before each practice session, and Coach Leaman demonstrates how to sequence practice plans to achieve both individual and team-wide goals.

There are many drills, skills and tactics covered using a variety of teaching methods throughout the course of this video. Coach Leaman does a nice job of explaining not only the mechanics, but more importantly the 'why' of each drill and how it addresses players' weaknesses. He communicates directly on the ice, stopping players for quick demonstrations of key teaching points in need of reinforcement.

Day one focuses on skill development with a great deal of touches with the puck, especially for defensemen. Coach Leaman explains and demonstrates how he starts off the week for his team by designing a Monday practice that promotes individual skill development through small area games and flow-based drills. In this practice, you'll see the team focus on finishing, hitting the net, "winning hockey" and making the most out of scoring chances.

The Tuesday practice (day two), is a battle day with many tactic reps and plenty of competition. Coach Leaman places a greater emphasis on defensive development and challenging the competitive levels of his players using high tempo drills. You'll see how he works with his team to improve their defensive zone coverage and back checking. This style of practice allows your players to prepare for live game situations, and can be altered to address specific opponent tactics and systems.

On day three, Coach Lehman focuses on net front play and specific drills to prepare his team for their upcoming opponent. Practice begins with transitional play and neutral zone regroups, progresses to breakouts against aggressive forechecking pressure, and wraps up with the power play.

Coach Leaman illustrates a fantastic approach to putting together a practice plan for the whole week leading up to a game the coming weekend. These practices and drills will help develop your team's approach and help them develop a winning tradition. Coaches of all levels will benefit from learning individual technical and tactical concepts that contribute to the team's overall system.

177 minutes. 2015. 2 Used DVDs.

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